getting feedback in a meeting

Effective Blended Course Design

In the past, I haven't really thought about effective course…
March 23, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood
Tour Builder

Types of Learning Activities in Blended Learning

In this week's module, we're exploring types of learning activities…
March 14, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood
Authentic Assessment: Code

Authentic Assessment and Online Learning

Why Bother With Authentic Assessment "If learning is not transferred…
March 14, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood

Four Models of Educator Involvement

In our BlendKit course this week, we are presented with four…
March 4, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood
Student working on laptop on bench

Welcome to Blended Learning – Initial Thoughts

BlendKit 2016 Today I started working on my UCF BlendKit course…
February 26, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood

Google for Education Certified Trainer

Sharing My Love for Google I did it!  I am finally a Google…
January 7, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood
Globe Trotting globe

Cultural Criticism & Globe Trotting

Context This semester, my seniors are exploring cultural criticism.…
January 7, 2016/by Amanda Youngblood

Finding Inspiration

I spend a lot of time roaming the web, searching for inspiration…
November 20, 2015/by Amanda Youngblood
girl on mobile phone

Who’s Responsible for Student Screen Time?

The other day I heard a news report about the amount of time…
November 5, 2015/by Amanda Youngblood

My Favorite Blogging Resources

These are some of my favorite resources that I use when I blog.…
October 22, 2015/by Amanda Youngblood

Sometimes Things Go Boom – A MidQuarter Teaching Crisis

Usually I don't have much trouble finding my stride with my students.…
October 21, 2015/by Amanda Youngblood

ISTE 2015 Take Aways

Part of the draw of ISTE is the vast amount of knowledge shared…
July 1, 2015/by Amanda Youngblood
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