I’m Amanda

A teacher, trainer, tech nerd, & restless thinker dedicated to helping you discover new ways of igniting fires of imagination and learning in your classrooms and school communities.

More recently I’ve been obsessing over G Suite for Education, blended learning, and blogging.

Blogging has been part hobby, part business for over 8 years, and now I use it regularly with my students.

I’ve been a Google for Education Certified Trainer for several years, along with being a Certified Educator Level 1 & 2.

And in 2016, I completed the BlendKit MOOC and earned by Blended Learning Designer certification from UCF & EduCause.


I’ve been teaching for more than 16 years!  Wow, that’s a while (crazy how it’s been so long that I’ve started losing track)!  Mostly English, but I’m also certified in History and as a Media Specialist.  I also have a reading endorsement.

Oh, and a Master’s Degree in “Integrating Technology into the Curriculum.”  I got that degree when edtech was just a baby. It was so long ago that they actually sent me VHS tapes for my distance learning courses!!!  How times have changed!






Blended Learning


Custom PD

Meet Me & My Family

When I’m not teaching or training, I’m home with my family: K, G, and John (and our two goofy pitbulls Hero and Kiki).  Between XBox gaming, Star Wars & Star Trek moviethons, Chromebooks, MacBooks, and tablets, we’re a total nerdy, techie family.

K is most likely to rule the world one day.

G has autism and is most likely to hack the world one day.

And John’s just a hottie.  😉


The Things I Do

I find time to put down the technology at my martial arts school where I’m working on my yellow belt in Hapkido.

And I lead worship at two local churches regulary, and I love the relationships I’ve built there.

Somewhere in there, I also try and keep up with my ever-growing stack of books to read (thank goodness for my Kindle, or the stacks would be even larger!).  I’m pretty sure that’s a losing battle.

What I'm Currently Obsessed With

(other than Google, blended learning, and blogging)

Star Wars




YA Fantasy Lit




Bullet Journals


Hebrew Roots






Cooking & Baking

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