The Mission

At Kindled Class Consulting, my goal is to present professional development and training that enhances instruction and inspires teachers, so they can have a greater impact on their students.  I work with your school or district to tailor training to your needs.


With over 16 years of classroom experience, I bring an educator’s perspective into each session, offering ideas for practical application in addition to giving hands-on time to practice and play. I can’t wait to work with you!

“This is all new to me. Your presentation style helped me stay interested. You don’t talk down like other presenters that come to my school do, and your pacing was good too.”
Roberta H.

What are you looking for today?

Certification Bootcamps

Google Certification Bootcamps are 2-day intensive workshops that prepare teachers and administrators for the Educator 1, Educator 2, or Trainer exam.  Get ready to explore all of Google’s G Suite, and learn about how these tools help teachers integrate the 4 C’s into their classrooms.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions focus on individual tools or aspects of G Suite, various lesser-known tools that have been created by Google, and specific applications and methods to make using teaching with G Suite more efficient and effective.

Custom G Suite Workshops

If there’s a specific question that you’d like to have addressed, or a specific tool that you want to focus on, let me know!  I’m happy to create a customized workshop for your school or district.

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Beginning Blogging for Teachers

Teachers are brilliant and have so many amazing ideas!  Blogging is one way that you can share those ideas with the world.  It’s also a great way to become a leader in your field. In this workshop, teachers start their own blog, and learn how to set it up, where to find images, and how to write online.

Beginning Blogging in the Classroom

Students want to know how they’ll use writing “in the real world.” Blogging is a great way to introduce real-world writing while also giving students a global audience.  This creates accountability and brings authenticity to what they write.  In this workshop, I’ll walk teachers through my favorite places for students to blog, how to get them started, strategies for teaching online vs. “essay” writing, and some basics about Digital Citizenship.

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Blended Bootcamp

Blended Bootcamp is a 2-day intensive workshop where participants learn about how to effectively conceptualize, structure, and create a blended course -whether in a “traditional” 7-period day or a more flexible environemnt.  You’ll leave this course with your course started, and you’ll have a chance to get feedback on the course, too.

Getting Started with Blended Learning

This is a shorter version of Blended Bootcamp where you’ll learn about the core concepts that make blended learning unique and effective.  We’ll talk about best practices and ways that you can effectively incorporate blended learning, no matter what LMS you use.

Intro to Canvas Workshops

If you use Canvas at your school, this workshop will help you use this amazing LMS in more effective (and unusual) ways. We’ll explore different ways to use Discussion Boards, ways to create effective rubrics, and other tips and tricks that super-users know.

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Go Global with Google VR

It’s not always possible to take our students to the farthest ends of the earth.  And it’s pretty much impossible (for now) to take them to the moon or to Mars.  However, with the creation of virtual reality tools, like Google Cardboard and Google Daydream, new doors have been opened that let us take our students places we never dreamed possible. In this 2-hour workshop, participants will experience several different apps and tools that allow students to virtually experience places in (and out of) the world.  We’ll also look at options for using VR, even if you don’t have access to Google Cardboard or other viewers.

What Do You Want to Learn Today?

With the ever-changing world of technology, and the unique needs of schools and districts, it’s unlikely that I can guess all the interests and needs for everyone.  However, that’s not a problem because with your input, I can create something just for you that meets your particular goals.  Let’s talk!

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Are you ready for a new type of technology PD?

You need technology PD that’s accessible and not scary. Your teachers need to know how to implement the best tools effectively and efficiently.  I can help! Together, we can make tomorrow’s education better and brighter.

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