The Solution

Blogging has been around in the public & business sector for decades, but it’s only recently been making its way into schools.  For teachers who want to be thought leaders, administrators who want to share best practices, and even students who want to take bold steps into their own futures, blogging can be the answer.

Blogging offers students a real-world application for what they’re learning in school and a relevant, global audience for their thoughts and reflections.  It also teaches important digital citizenship skills.

For teachers, blogging offers the opportunity to become leaders in their local and global communities.  And for teachers not using an LMS, it can be an essential tool for communicating with parents and students.

The Benefits


Learn practical tips, advice, and strategies for blogging with or without your students.


Discuss the importance of digital citizenship and how to teach the skills to your students.


Get hands-on help as you learn how and where to start your own blog.

Training Options:

Build-A-Blog Workshop

This workshop takes you through why blogging matters for teachers and students, my recommendations for where to blog for free, as well as my thoughts on how to get a little nerdy with paid hosting. I also show you how to introduce blogging to your students, and we get into important things like safety and grading.

Beginning Blogging for Teachers

In this workshop, teachers start their own blog, and learn how to set it up, where to find images, and how to write online. Leave with a jump start on your blog.

Beginning Blogging in the Classroom

In this workshop, I’ll walk teachers through my favorite places for students to blog, how to get them started, strategies for teaching online vs. “essay” writing, and some basics about Digital Citizenship.

“Amanda was a great presenter! Easy to listen to, great pace, and loads of wonderful information that all teachers can use at school and at home! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time with us!”

Alexis M.

Hands On & Applicable

Blogging can seem daunting at first.  There are a miriad of options, opinions, and tools.  So which is best?  Each blogging workshop gives you time to explore and create, so that when you leave you have a start and the process is less intimidating.  Depending on the needs of your school, you can choose from workshops designed just for teachers or ones that focus on incorporating blogging in the classroom (including common questions like how to grade blogs and how to keep things “legal”).

Are you ready for a new type of technology PD?

You need technology PD that’s accessible and not scary. Your teachers need to know how to implement the best tools effectively and efficiently.  I can help! Together, we can make tomorrow’s education better and brighter.

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