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I’m passionate about helping teachers ignite fires in growing minds. I do that by providing tech-infused workshops that educate & inspire so that you can enhance & expand your toolbox.

G Suite

Learn to effectively use Google for Education’s G Suite and prepare for the Educator & Trainer exams with training from a certified GAFE trainer.


Blogging is a great way to communicate, and it’s a real-world example of education in action. Learn how to start your own blog or how to blog with students.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning enhances student engagement and learning. Learn how to effectively implement it, regardless of your school’s schedule and your skill level.

Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality tools you can travel almost anywhere on earth (or even beyond). Learn more about VR and how you can implement it in your classes.

Custom PD

Do you have something specific in mind? Let me know and we can create a customized professional training workshop tailored to your needs.

“This was absolutely awesome! I appreciate your knowledge, patience, enthusiasm and helpfulness. Everything that you showed us was VERY, VERY useful.”


Up the Ante with a Google for Education Certification

Google for Education’s G Suite includes tools like Google Classroom and Google Drives that help teachers incorporate the 4 C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  Becoming a Google Educator validates your knowledge of G Suite and its use in a classroom setting.  You can take the DIY route with Google for Education’s Training Center, or you can take a more hands-on, personal approach and sign up for a Google Certification Bootcamp with a Google for Education Certified Trainer, like me.  In my workshops, I take you through each part of G Suite, giving you time to practice with real-world activities, and answering your questions. Learn more >>

Share Your Ideas & Teach Real-World Writing

For teachers, blogging is an excellent way to share your expertise with the world and to showcase the amazing things you’re doing in your classroom.  For students, blogging is a real-world practice where they get a chance to write for an actual global audience.  Learn how to start a blog, my recommended places to blog, where to find the best copyright free images, and best practices for teaching your students to write online.  We will also talk about the importance of digital citizenship in an increasingly tech saavy world.  Learn more >>

“The instructor was better than any I have had before. She presented the information so I could follow along.”

Doug G.

Upgrade Your Classroom with Blended Learning

Blended Learning is fast becoming one of the best ways to enhance student engagement and learning.  With the proliferation of LMSes, it’s becoming easier and easier, too.  However, there’s a difference between throwing some resources online and effectively blending a course.  As a UCF & EduCause certified Blended Learning Designer, I can help you plan, design, and create your course using best practices so that it increase the effectiveness of your curriculum.  Learn more >>

Travel the World Without Leaving Your Classroom

Budgets and paperwork make it difficult for us to take our students beyond the four walls of our classrooms.  Yet, we know there’s so much more to see, and being able to experience the sights and the sounds of the places we teach about makes the learning “stick.”  With Virtual Reality, you can take your students almost anywhere on earth, to the depths of the oceans, and out into space.  In my workshops, I show you all the different ways you can bring VR into your classroom, with or without equipment.  Learn more >>

Choose Your Own Adventure with Custom PD

You’ve got big ideas, but I didn’t list them here.  That’s not a problem!  With your input, I can design a workshop or day of trainings that meets the unique needs of your teachers.  You tell me what you’re looking for, and together we’ll craft your customized professional development day. Learn more >>

“You spoke English and not “Tech-ese”!! I can’t stand it when the presenter assumes that I (and the rest of us geezers) understand the vocabulary. . .  I was raised in a time when “on-line” meant using clothes pins and hanging up sheets. . .oh god, sheets. . .not the program. . .the cloth stuff on beds. . . .Yikes!!”

Mike S.

Amanda Youngblood

Amanda Youngblood

Hi! I’m Amanda Youngblood. I’m a Google for Education Certified Trainer & Educator, a high school English teacher for 16+ years, and a tech nut.  When I’m not collaborating with my students at Windermere Preparatory School, I’m working with teachers to integrate tech more effectively.  I have a Masters degree in Technology in the Curriculum and a UCF/EduCause certification as a blended learning designer. While I love presenting at conferences and professional development events, I also realize that learning never ends.  My goal is to kindle minds everywhere, creating sparks that inspire students and educators to imagine the possibilities.

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“I appreciated the instructor’s practical knowledge related to actual class usage.”

Larry B.

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