Adjusting Expectations

First quarter has ended and second quarter has begun.  It is amazing how quickly the year has gone already!  Looking back, I’ve had to adjust my expectations of myself a little.  I had high hopes for adding game elements to my classes, but it ended up seeming more like I was just adding a storyline to the activities.  So, while I still want to add game elements, I think many of those things will get added next year once I’ve got a year of teaching a new curriculum under my belt.  Right now I’m more focused on making sure I’m teaching relevant, rigorous material, that integrating character classes and reward systems makes my head hurt.  Perhaps it’s a matter of organization, but with 3 preps (really 5, since I teach standard and honors in the same class), many days I’m thankful to teach the right material to the right class and to keep all the different novels straight (not to mention, read).

I don’t say it to complain.  I love what I’m doing, and I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m teaching.  It’s just interesting to compare my dreams with reality.

Goals & Aspirations

I’ve also thought back to what I taught first quarter to decide if I want to keep it next year or throw it out or revise it.  One thing I want to figure out how to do better is help students see the bigger picture.  They always seem to think they have all these huge project due, but really it’s just one class project and an individual reading project (that they get one or more months to do).  I’m not sure where the disconnect it.  Maybe I  need to make them fill out a planning sheet.  I’m also looking ahead at my future “units” to start prepping and planning so I can get ahead a little.

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