I’m presenting at FETC 2015.  No, I’m not bragging (although I am pretty excited).  I’m teaching a workshop on blogging, which makes it a little ironic that I haven’t had time to update my own blog in over a month (yikes!). Blogging is fun, and once I get started, I don’t want to stop.  But sometimes getting started is the challenge.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Why I Blog

Blogging scares people, because it’s all about putting our ideas out there.  It’s about thinking and sharing, and sometimes that means that people disagree or think we’re idiots.  I blog to share the cool things my students do and to record my thoughts about things that go disastrously wrong (and awesomely right).  I blog about the things I’m learning as an educator.  I blog because it helps me to reflect on my world.


Why My Students Blog

Even more scary, I have my students blog.  When I first started doing this I was intimidated by the immensity and possibilities, but I’ve learned that it’s easier (and more exciting) than I thought.  Sometimes my students blog about specific questions that I ask them to respond to. Sometimes I give them general blog series focused around an idea or give them a choice of focus.  Right now, my standard level students are responding to a specific question.  My honors level students are doing a blog series on their choice of two topics (How would you change the world? or Questions I’d like answered).  One student is focusing on questions he’d like answered, and his first post is titled, “Why are Cats Magical?”  Hysterical!  Sometimes they blog to reflect on their progress after a quarter or semester ends (what worked, what didn’t, what to do differently).  There are so so many things students can blog about!

I Need to Blog More

Obviously, one important part of blogging is consistency.  And, almost as clearly, this is an area I struggle in, since I get so busy with students, and department stuff, and planning, and… life.  I just finished reading about a one-post-a-day challenge, and although I think that might be super ambitious, I think I’m going to try it.  Maybe for an entire year, or maybe just for a month.  Can I do it?

We shall see.

Feel free to tag along and keep me accountable in the comments!

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