Workshop Overview

Blogging has been around in the public & business sector for decades, but it’s only recently been making its way into schools.  For teachers who want to be thought leaders, administrators who want to share best practices, and even students who want to take bold steps into their own futures, blogging can be the answer.

This workshop takes you through why blogging matters for teachers and students, my recommendations for where to blog for free, as well as my thoughts on how to get a little nerdy (and step it up a notch) with paid hosting.  I also show you how to introduce blogging to your students, and we get into important things like safety and grading.


What You’ll Learn

During the workshop you’ll learn…

  • why blogging is important for teachers and students
  • how (and where) to start your own site
  • what kinds of topics you and your students can write about
  • where to find copyright-free images
  • different ways to “grade” student blogs
  • and more!

Want to bring this workshop to your school or district?

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