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haikulogo If you need information about assignment, you can’t remember what we did in class, or you’re looking for resources, this is the place to go.  Haiku has replaced Moodle as our LMS in order to lesson the number of sites you have to remember.  If you need to join code, please contact Mrs. Youngblood.

Head to Haiku now!
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membeanlogo Having a large vocabulary is one way of appearing more intelligent (it’s also usually a sign that you are more intelligent).  Membean offers an easy way to increase your vocabulary.  Its intuitive, self-adjusting engine raises the difficulty level of your words as you improve.  In our class, it’s also where you take your vocabulary tests.

Don’t forget that your user ID is your first_last_wps.  Your password is the same, unless you changed it (which you should have).

Go to Membean now.

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turnitinlogo125x125When you’re ready to submit that essay or other written assignment, TurnItIn.com is where you need to go. Your log in should be your email and whatever password you created. Make sure your work is in MLA format and saved as a .docx, .doc, or .pdf before you try to upload it.

Ready? Go to TurnItIn.com



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