What Exactly Is Blended Learning

There are a lot of opinions about what blended learning is.  Some equate it with flipped learning or online learning.  But it’s really neither of those things.  

Blended learning has 3 key components: student agency, traditional and online teaching modalities, tools, and texts, and at least some blend of face-to-face and online time.

Classes can be blended, even in a “traditional” classroom setting or a typical 7-period day.

Training Options:

*This is just a sample of some common training choices

Blended Bootcamps

Blended Bootcamp is a 2-day intensive workshop where participants learn about how to effectively conceptualize, structure, and create a blended course -whether in a “traditional” 7-period day or a more flexible environemnt.  You’ll leave this course with a course blueprint, module map, and a jump start on your blende course.


Getting Started with Blended Learning

This is a shorter version of Blended Bootcamp where you’ll learn about the core concepts that make blended learning unique and effective.  We’ll talk about best practices and ways that you can effectively incorporate blended learning, no matter what LMS you use or what your class schedule looks like.

Intro to Canvas LMS

If you use Canvas at your school, this workshop will introduce ways to use this amazing LMS more effectively. We’ll explore different ways to use Discussion Boards, different ways to structure your course, ways to create effective rubrics, and other tips and tricks that super-users know.

Are you ready for a new type of technology PD?

You need technology PD that’s accessible and not scary. Your teachers need to know how to implement the best tools effectively and efficiently.  I can help! Together, we can make tomorrow’s education better and brighter.

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