Custom PD

Multi-Session Google Workshop Days

Choose multiple Google for Education-focused trainings to choose your own adventure.

Morning & Afternoon Sessions

Offer one option in the morning and different one in the afternoon.


Thematic or Skills-Based Sessions

Focus on a topic, like VR or collaboration, or focus on a skill, like effective team planning.

What Do You Want to Learn Today?

With the ever-changing world of technology, and the unique needs of schools and districts, it’s unlikely that I can guess all the interests and needs for everyone.  However, that’s not a problem because with your input, I can create something just for you that meets your particular goals.  If you have ideas, let’s talk!

I love how you can limit a search by time it was posted and by file type as well. I’ve already found files I can use!”

Aaron H.

10 Sort-of-Secret Things You Can Do with Google

Are you ready for a new type of technology PD?

You need technology PD that’s accessible and not scary. Your teachers need to know how to implement the best tools effectively and efficiently.  I can help! Together, we can make tomorrow’s education better and brighter.

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