The Solution

G Suite is an amazing set of tools that can help teachers integrate the 4 C’s in the classroom.  And in one of the workshops or bootcamps offered here, teachers are given time to deepen their ability to use the tools efficiently, as well as time to practice and apply some of the things they’ll learn.  With face-to-face time, they can ask questions about their unique situations, and get solutions from a trainer who is a fellow teacher.

The Benefits


Know why Google Certification is beneficial to you and your career and get hands-on time to prepare for the exam.


Dig deeper into Google’s G Suite so you can use it more effectively.


Discover tools, add-ons, and apps that you didn’t know about before that can enhance your instruction.

Training Options:

Certification Bootcamps

Google Certification Bootcamps are 2-day intensive workshops that prepare teachers and administrators for the Educator 1, Educator 2, or Trainer exam.

Individual Sesions

These sessions focus on one or more aspects of G Suite, as well as specific applications and methods to make using teaching with G Suite more efficient and effective.  Learn more >>

Custom PD

If there’s a specific question that you’d like to have addressed, or a specific tool that you want to focus on, let me know! I’m happy to create a customized workshop for your school or district.
  • Google’s Buried Treasure 80% 80%
  • Great Google Add-ons 50% 50%
  • To Google & Beyond 65% 65%
  • Google Certification Bootcamp 77% 77%

The Workshops Were Amazing

Teachers love learning about Google’s tools and G Suite.  With a huge variety of possible workshops, teachers learn lots of things, from how to organize themselves efficiently with Gmail and Calendar, to how to create collaborative projects and e-books with slides.  To the left are just some of past participants’ favorite sessions.  Many schools choose to create customized sessions, but I’m more than happy to provide a “menu” of workshops if that’s more helpful.

Learn Insider Tips & Tricks for Using G Suite More Effectively

Explore New Worlds Without Leaving the Classroom

Become a Google Educator or Trainer

Are you ready for a new type of technology PD?

You need technology PD that’s accessible and not scary. Your teachers need to know how to implement the best tools effectively and efficiently.  I can help! Together, we can make tomorrow’s education better and brighter.

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